French Writing Resources

The ARTFL Project Quick Pros- ability to search multiple databases from the same website ability to make specific and detailed searches ability to view a variety of  research source types: primary sources, … Continue reading

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WordReference Language Forums Quick Pros- attached to a bilingual dictionary answers and translations from a variety of persons with a WordPress account you can directly ask questions on the forum Quick Cons-  … Continue reading

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BonPatron Quick Pros- highlights actual errors as well as potential errors offers explanations as to why they may be errors simple copy/paste interface Quick Cons- requires multiple run throughs of … Continue reading

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Google Translate Quick Pros- very fast, real time translation (ie. You don’t have to click and load a new page for every translation) Quick Cons- translates literally, doesn’t account for nuance … Continue reading

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Linguee Quick Pros- translates phrases and compound terms offers real world examples pulled from various sites translates context Quick Cons- no definitions offers a lot of results-putting the responsibility on … Continue reading

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Larousse Quick Pros- detailed, nuanced, easy to follow entries tabs that link to additional information on a given word handy-dandy verb conjugator Quick Cons- each click loads a new page, … Continue reading

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WordReference Quick Pros- really fast, it’s easy to load and navigate between pages offers Collins Dictionary entries includes a handy French verb conjugator Quick Cons- not overly detailed, basic translations … Continue reading

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