French Writing Resources


Quick Pros-

  • translates phrases and compound terms
  • offers real world examples pulled from various sites
  • translates context

Quick Cons-

  • no definitions
  • offers a lot of results-putting the responsibility on the user to try and figure out which result corresponds best to their needs

The Story-
Do not turn to Linguee for definitions or for literal translations, turn to Linguee to translate phrases and expressions: this site is amazing for that. The site doesn’t offer its own translations; rather, it offers real example translations from various sites. For example, if you type in “it’s raining cats and dogs”, Linguee gives you a page of different expressions that are not literally equivalent, but that are contextually equivalent, however, further down the page, some expression start revolving simply around cats and dogs rather than around rain: it’s up to you to decide which translated expression fits your context best. What do I mean by context vs. literal translations? The same example from above typed into Google will give: “Il pleut des chats et des chiens”- a literal translation, whereas one of the first results that Linguee offers is “Il pleut des hallebardes”- a popular phrase in French to express that it’s raining a lot.


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