French Writing Resources

WordReference Language Forums

Quick Pros-

  • attached to a bilingual dictionary
  • answers and translations from a variety of persons
  • with a WordPress account you can directly ask questions on the forum

Quick Cons- 

  • sometimes multiple searches are required to find the term or the phrase that you are looking for
  • clicking back and forth between the dictionary and the forum for each term or phrase
  • the user is responsible for judging the credibility of individual answers

The Story-
Someone told me that the beauty of WordReference is its language forums, and it’s not too difficult to see why. If you search a word or a phrase in the “Language Forums” tab, WordReference will take you to its dictionary page. Scroll all the way down the entry until you see “Forums WR”. If your query already exists in the forum, you can click on any of the listed expressions and WordReference will bring you to the corresponding answers in the forum. Beside each answer in the forum, you can see if the writer is Canadian, French, etc., so you can compare potential regionalisms. Sometimes your expression won’t show up in the forums, so you may have to try rewording it or splitting up the phrase and doing multiple searches. This can be rather tedious; however, if you create an account through WordReference, you can post your questions directly to the forum. I have heard that it usually takes less than five minutes for answers to start popping up, so the forums can be a great tool to get direct answers to any French language questions that are difficult or time consuming to answer through regular dictionaries and/or translators. Keep in mind though that the information provided in the answers is not always a 100% accurate. For particularly complex questions, it is a good idea to cross check multiple answers from multiple forums; look for continuity between answers.


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